Operation Dreams to Reality: Encouraging Entrepreneurs

As an advisor at BYU-Idaho, I meet with so many students who are entrepreneurial minded. I have never understood entrepreneurs. I am a VERY risk averse person. Yes, I believe in dreams. And yes, I believe that with hard work, entrepreneurs can accomplish anything.

I noticed that when students visited with me, it was very easy for me to bring them back to reality by asking about their business plan, or inquiring about how they were going to get money for their ventures.

Then, I would see their countenances go from bright and on top of the world, to downtrodden and defeated.

It was not long that I realized, this is not what I want the student experience to be. I remember coming out of my office into the main area where my team sits and proclaiming “I am am a squasher of dreams…..if you have one, don’t visit with me.” While my team tried to reassure me I wasn’t, I was not a fan of my tactic or approach.

Something needed to change, and that change was me.

Since this realization, I have become fiercely dedicated to understanding the in’s and out’s of entrepreneurship, venture capitalism, and the future of small to big business ideas.I want to know the mindset. I want to hone my approach. And so, I am announcing my obsessive internal campaign, deemed #operationdreamstoreality.

The hope is that I will be able to connect with my visionaries, dreamers, and mystics (a new word introduced to me at a coaching and mentoring conference, ungoogleable currently), and help them move from dreams to reality…..in a way that builds, empowers, and encourages movement.

I truly believe that our society is ready for disruption that will only come from visionaries. Our economic and social structures are ready to give in to this power. These visionaries will discover things that don’t exist yet. They will improve organizations and customer experiences. They will enhance the status quo. They are here at my University. I am surrounded by them. I need to nourish their ideas and teach them how to grow.

I will become unstoppable as an Academic Advisor for entrepreneurs.