Want to be Successful? Make Your Bed

I have heard this twice in the last two days, so there must be some truth to it.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with one of my amazing students who shared with me what he would do to improve and be more successful next semester. One thing he told me was he was going to make his bed every morning. At first, I thought “Well…I am looking for something more substantial.” As I digested his remark, he said he read an article about what success looks like. The article stated that if you make your bed, and maybe do 10 little things before you head out for the day – and if everything in the day goes to pot – you can go home and see that at least you completed 10 little things.

Perhaps this isn’t enough for some to feel successful. However, if MY day didn’t go very well, or I was struggling to feel successful, doing those 10 little things and seeing them upon my return home, would help me pick myself back up and go back out there the next day swinging.

Below is a video by Admiral William H. McRaven, given in 2014 at the University of Texas Commencement about starting the day by making your bed. I wonder if this was the article my student found.

I developed this making-the-bed habit about 7 years ago. I can testify there really is something to this idea of feeling successful.

I encourage my readers to give it a try.