Great Commercial: Service Dogs to the Rescue, Literally

There is not a week that goes by where somehow someone mentions having a ‘service’ dog. When I first heard about them, I wasn’t really surprised that dogs are being trained to understand and respond to human emotions. Several communities now have organizations, for profit and not for profit that also understand this need.

Recently, employees at BYU-Idaho met during an all employee meeting during one of the breakout sessions to talk about how we can help troubled employees. Some staggering statistics show a dramatic increase in patients with anxiety and depression. These are conditions that these students will battle far into their adulthood. What are we doing to help support them? For now, the hope is to educate leadership groups as much as possible so we can make decisions that will aid those who are bound for jobs over which we have stewardship. I am not sure what the answer will be, but the rise in persons with these needs is apparent and palpable. The need for any support is going to sky rocket.

In the meantime, watch this beautiful commercial about the positive affects of having a Service Dog. Good PR?

Another video shows you one Service Dog in action as he feels his owner becoming agitated. Watch what happens…it’s beautiful.