P2B: Dave Blanchard

BecomingThe first speaker of the P2B Conference at BYU-Idaho was Dave Blanchard, the CEO of The Og Mandino Group and managing partner of Intentional Creation, LLC.


  • The first step to ‘becoming’ is to come to yourself

This statement was not intended to be selfish. It was more about finding the true me in order to be authentic. Authenticity in this case was described as who we are when glory of everything and everyone around us withdraws. Dave spoke to developing the understanding that we are nothing, and the meaning of “nothing” is meaningless. When we recognize that we are nothing, it allows us to come to ourselves and be more real with who we are.

Why Millenials Are Different, and Why That Difference is Awesome

I was intrigued by Dave’s observations and research on the upcoming generation, which he refers to as Millenials.

  • 98% of millenials have high levels of empathy

    What this means: the up and coming generation may experience more vulnerability to forces that could cause doubt, fear, and indecision – which inhibit truly “becoming,” taking risks, furthering progress no matter how hard it would seem

  • 99.5% of millenials are intrinsically resisting structure

    What this means: resisting structure sound bad, but it isn’t. Dave’s generation grew up in the era of “have to, must do, should” where¬† laws, policies, and order were obeyed and followed, and not questioned. Millenials grew up in the era of “I choose, I want, I will.” They ask questions not to argue, but to understand why. Bottom line – millenials are problem solvers because they ask questions and resist the structure, which can make them successful.

  • 97% of millenials are ALWAYS thinking – their brains never shut off

    What this means: Because millenials are always thinking, they tend to get attached to their ideas. Then their ideas somehow get attached to their self-esteem, and therefore they must be right, right!? Dave says that the up and coming generation has a gift of being able to vividly visualize, and when used the right way, it can lead to taking an inspired idea and using it to open the windows of possibility. Possibility allows an idea to become a reality: from an idea to creation.

My Takeaways

Dave’s speech opened my eyes once more to the principle of creation. As I open myself up to the realm of possibility, and can lay my fears behind me, I have the ability to become a creator. On a more spiritual note, Dave also spoke about how earth is a laboratory of creation. Right now, we have been given the opportunity to create ideas and see them through, and how amazing it will be to see how this laboratory is preparing us for another time and place – if only we could recognize our strengths and weaknesses in order to become.

In the end he said: Passion is what we are given in order to truly become.