Creating More Positive Stereotypes Using Media

Perhaps some of you have seen the Dove and Always commercials taking over FB posts and social media by storm. One of the latest and greatest is about dismantling and really having the conversation about what it means to do something like a girl – taking already existing stereotypes, dissecting, and creating a new stereotype based on turning something negative into something positive. There are several other ideas that are trying to create new social norms and perspectives, like how it is considered cool to get a period (have you seen that video about period care packages – HelloFlo by Always?),  or how owning a mini-van is pretty rad (remember the swagger wagon commercial by Toyota?).

One my favorite recent trends is the lazy/idiot dad stereotype diminished with the new Peanut Butter Cheerios Commercial. Good PR Cheerios….a lot better than that other ad that sparked controversy when really it shouldn’t have.