Video Shorts: Great PR

Over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed a lot of great PR using Youtube as the source for short video clips. This fad has taken full swing as I have even read articles that potential producers of shows are using ‘shorts’ as a medium to raise money for their potential blockbuster hits. While some haven’t gotten that great of a start including Minecraft-makers cancel film inspired by game – a BBC article, some have fared quite well. I have included some articles below, that while outdated, probably started the impetus for using Youtube as a mechanism to begin making a name for aspiring filmmakers.

Youtube connecting with indie filmmakers at Sundance: L.A. Biz

Handsacre filmmaker’s stop-motion murder mystery goes online to view this week: Lichfield Mercury

Youtube Success Lands Filmmaker a Real Hollywood Gig:

How to build an audience for your film using Youtube (the right way):

The Community as an Indicator of Success: Filmmakers on Youtube: Goethe Insitute

The Filmmakers Guide to using top social media sites: Shari Candler, Marketing and Publicity

Perhaps one of my favorite ad campaigns also happens to be on Youtube. Break out the tissues ladies and gents. This is fantastic PR: