Mothering: It is Hard

This past week, I have seen several posts about the reality of motherhood. I am not sure if the rise in these articles is due to the fact that it is the end of winter, schools are closed down due to the snow, etc., or mom’s are just more willing to talk openly about their experiences. I found these articles inspiring and informative. Not being a mother myself, and often wishing I was, I find that this thing called motherhood is one of the most rewarding jobs ever….at the end of the day. BUT I find that when these amazing women are ‘in it‘, the glitz, glam, and humility of it is sometimes harder to grasp.

When Mothering is Hard and No One Sees, by Faith and Composition blogger Shalene Roberts: I have had some mother-friends talk to me about how they often feel they are invisible. They feel like they are cooks, nurses, psychologists, spiritual guides, a sweetheart’s mother/plaything, maid, dishwasher, accountant, librarian, etc., with so little notice. Apparently feeling this way is a regular phenomenon – so my mother friends tell me.

Some memorable quotes from this blog: “This calling of motherhood is a service unlike anything else, where the privilege of giving life is tempered by a daily dying to self. It’s the very nature of motherhood. Sometimes I do it well, and sometimes I do it poorly. Sometimes I meet my children’s needs with grace and humility, and then other times I look in the mirror and see ugly, selfish pride staring right back. Sometimes this laying down of self is affirmed by slobbery kisses, vice-like hugs and countless “I-love-you-to-the-moon-and-back” sentiments, and other times I feel as though it’s all in vain.”

“When the days drag on monotonous; when the mundane tasks veil the miracle of your calling—this incredible privilege of raising little humans to know Him and serve Him—God is there in the midst of it all, hearing, seeing YOU.”

5 Truths about Parenting, Huffington Post: The post highlights some similar aspects including the 5 truths expanded including:

  • I am lonely
  • I am scared
  • I am tired
  • I am grateful
  • I am enough

One of my favorite quotes from this article: “I am good enough: Some days I have to talk myself into making that statement a fact. I know that one of the most important gifts you can give your child is a happy you, so I work to be happy and enough, exactly the way I am.”

If only we could have more posts dedicated to helping not just mothers, but posts of often-hidden trials that may help other persons with hidden trials. Coming clean to the realities that surround us is one way to help others conquer misconception, misunderstanding, self-doubt, anxiety, and fear. I am deeply appreciative for talented people who share their worries and concerns in order that they might be better – and in order that I might also find strength knowing that if one person can conquer life’s trials, so can I. It is somewhat comforting to know that even when I am doing the best I can, and don’t think I am good enough, that there are people who still have hope that everything is worth it at the end of the day. That is beyond good PR, that is social PR.

Thank you mothers for all you do. You are not invisible to me.

And here is one for the road – what every mother should see!

I just found this gem: and am now updating this post to reflect this fabulous finding.

A Husband’s Amazing Response to “She is a stay at home Mom? What does she do all day?, by Matt Walsh as published on Sunny Skyz.

Favorite quotes:

“Yes, my wife is JUST a mother. JUST. She JUST brings forth life into the universe, and she JUST shapes and molds and raises those lives. She JUST manages, directs and maintains the workings of the household, while caring for children who JUST rely on her for everything. She JUST teaches our twins how to be human beings, and, as they grow, she will JUST train them in all things, from morals, to manners, to the ABC’s, to hygiene, etc. She is JUST my spiritual foundation and the rock on which our family is built. She is JUST everything to everyone. And society would JUST fall apart at the seams if she, and her fellow moms, failed in any of the tasks I outlined.

Yes, she is just a mother. Which is sort of like looking at the sky and saying, “hey, it’s justthe sun.”

“We get a lot of things wrong in our culture. But, when all is said and done, and our civilization crumbles into ashes, we are going to most regret the way we treated mothers and children.”