Jump on the Branding Train: beautiful heart-string stories

For the past several days, I have been looking at and viewing inspiring videos that demonstrate gratitude, perseverance, and inspiring stories…basically, anything that will make me cry because it is beautiful. As mentioned in an earlier post, people are using video as a mainstream way to communicate ideas, feelings, desires, passions, etc. in turn developing a brand in a way that touches the innermost part of the heart.  The perception of the product or service changes as these amazing branding techniques send viewership off the charts.

For example, in my post Video Shorts: Great PR, I highlighted one particular video about a young woman raising a child – I won’t spoil the plot for those of you who haven’t watched it yet. I did some searching on the company that produced this touching video and found out it is a classy lingerie company via Mybeautifulwoman.org, and produced for Wacoal. It seems they have jumped on the Dove train and started highlighting women as beautiful, industrious, strong, and powerful. The campaign is moving, and tells a story. Its placement and viewership has been escalating since its release. This branding movement is AMAZING PR – and it is beautiful.

Here are some other organizations and companies that are using similar techniques to make branding an art form – to make it beautiful.

Ministry of Education – Singapore (2 videos)

First Video

Second Video

Pepper&Paul is another company that is shifting the branding paradigm by creating a “cinematic shopping experience where you will be entertained, discover high quality, ethically produced products, and be able to buy them all in the same place.” Quite innovative, brilliant, and beautiful. You should watch the first two videos on their website. They are stunning.