Bullying Has to Stop: What One Student Did to Stand Up Against His Bullies

Caine Stands Up from The Bully Project on Vimeo.

Discussions and news about bullying in school in not new. I remember watching a similar video where a boy was speaking out about bullying, only to be bullied more. The effect was that he and his family needed to move in order for him to be safe. After reading and watching some of the anti-bullying videos, organizations for anti-bullying need to be careful in how they approach the subject. In a recent study, reported on by all the national syndicates, schools that have certain anti-bullying campaigns actually provide students with ideas for how their bullying can reach new heights. In article Are Anti-bullying efforts making it worse? CBS: Schools who have anti-bullying campaigns and programs actually teach students how to bully better. It is doing more harm than good.

I am of the opinion that teaching children about how to conduct themselves in school, whether being bullied or being the bully, is the first step in attacking this trend. In the article, How to Talk to your Child About Bullying, Huffington Post: Anti-bullying campaigns begin in the home. “Whether your child is the target, bully, or merely a witness, your influence can help change the culture for the better.” Some argue that it takes a community. I saw – it’s both. There are several ways we can educate ourselves about bullying and the right way to fight it. A recent article Anti-bullying workshop will focus on adult-child communication gap highlights some key issues and ways parents and adults can speak to children about bullying. I found the links to the site provides a good background for how to address children of all ages.

Regardless, I hope the superintendent and council in Caine’s district have at least started the conversation about what they can do to help children who are being bullied. I also hope that we as parents and communities can educate ourselves on how we can talk to our children, whether ours or those we associate with, about what bullying is, and what we can do to help each other at school, at home, or online. We are here to help each other. Together we can stop this trend.