Education Haters

My brother recently shared this video that is gaining momentum on the internet. When I watched it, I cried. I cried for all those who think that education is not worth it, who drop out because they want to make it in life without the credential, and find themselves working some mediocre job they hate, or worse, not working at all. I cried because there is some truth – yes some of the education system is broken. But there is so much more that education offers than just “stuffing our brains full of useless knowledge”.

Education gives us an opportunity to be disciplined (regimented homework and assignments), to hone our creativity (working the system while being in the system – what can education do for me that otherwise I might not be able to experience?), to adjust to unwanted circumstances (not liking or getting along with certain professors – there will be many people that we won’t necessarily get a long with. Developing the skills in learning how to be successful in spite of that hindrance is just one lesson to be learned). I could go on.

As my brother pointed out to me, regardless of what I believe, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. This is true.

At first, I didn’t want to share this video, but it might be worth stimulating some conversation.

So, now that you have seen it, I would strongly advise the following before everyone up and quits school:

1. HaveĀ  a plan: The knowledge “inspirer” in the video talks about several persons who did not graduate who have made it big. Keep in mind that these persons are exceptions to the rule. There are also several successful persons who DO have degrees, but there are too many to list. These persons exceeded the status quo. Their efforts defied the norm. They did daring and risky things to get where they are. This is bold. This is good. Guaranteed though that each person had a plan.

2. Know there is a time and season: the video goes into making it big dropping big names like Steve Jobs and Oprah. The world was ready for Steve Jobs and Oprah. An Oprah-type character now would perhaps not be as easy to attain because it has been done. The social world was ready for her and embraced her at the right time. Steve Jobs came into the market just as the competition was starting to not be competitive. He had the edge that boosted innovation in the tech field. He came at the right time. There is a time and season for being the next Steve Jobs and Oprah. If you want to quit school to be the next one, do it, but be advised, it may not be your time yet. Keep pushing until the world is ready.

3. Know how to work it, and keep working it til it hurts: Networking could be your key to your success. You need to know people, learn from them, observe what they did to succeed, develop your own flavor, and go for it. You will most likely crash and burn, but you have to pick yourself up and keep fighting the system, just like you will fight it when you stop attending school.

4. All things are possible if you have faith: faith in God, faith in yourself, faith in others to help you, faith that things will work out, faith in something. Wherever you derive your faith from, it will need to be had, because this stuff -going for the gold – is tough.