If It’s Too Available, No One Will Steal It

In the NY Times  article Spacey Says TV Must Adapt to Viewer Demand or Die, Kevin Spacey discusses the success of House of Cards that was released on Netflix instead of being released on the big screen or on a syndicated television station. An article from Variety says that while Netflix is not revealing how many viewers watched the show, broadband technology firms confirm a little rise in numbers since the airing of the show. Having been involved in the media world not too long ago, I have to agree that local television stations and cable companies need to keep up with the market and consumer demand if they are going to survive.

When I moved into my Salt Lake City home a while ago, I remember calling a cable company and jokingly saying, “All I want is TLC, Disney, and Food Network.” Obviously they couldn’t do anything for me except offer all the channels associated with my faves. The NY Times article hits it spot on in the title TV Must Adapt to Viewer Demand or Die. I think Spacey’s main point was that cinema needs to start thinking about keeping up with this demand too. The article states, ” He [Spacey] said movie producers could adopt a similar approach to help beat piracy, releasing films simultaneously online, in cinemas and on DVD.¬† Spacey says, ‘if it’s all available nobody is going to be stealing it before someone else gets it.'”

While I haven’t seen the show, I know it has been a major hit for my co-workers and it seems like people can’t stop talking about it. I have people come into the office and say, “Now, no one mention House of Cards today, I haven’t seen the last one yet.”

Something is at work with this form of media, and it looks like we need some creative genius ideas to come out of the TV syndicates if they want to keep up.