Gray Cake and Depression

Having someone close to me that has depression, I felt the following article was appropriate. I also admire the PR and creative genius of this campaign.

The CNN article  was highlighted in the August 22 edition, and is called: Emotional Eating: Gray Cakes Tackle Depression Taboo.

There have been several attempts to try to bring this subject into light, even though it is such a heavy subject. Just like a child who is diagnosed with ADD, persons with depression often get labeled as always having depression, or needing strict care. Just like any disease though, things don’t seem as gloomy when there is optimism…and I’m not talking about optimism from the person with depression, but optimism from those in close contact with persons who have depression. I find that when I understand the symptoms of behavioral issues, I react and perceive situations better than I would have otherwise.

This article is encouraging to me that there are movements to help society become a place where persons with behavioral disabilities can reach out without the fear of being labeled, dejected, or rejected. The article states, “Morad firmly believes that being able to speak about depression in a casual way would help the public understand that it’s not just something that can easily be shaken off, and that they should be unashamed.”

I am also thrilled that this topic is being covered by cable movies. Recently, Lifetime played a movie called “Call Me Crazy: A Five Film” about five people who have behavioral disorders. While I haven’t had the opportunity to watch the movie, I was excited to learn that the plot was around creating awareness of behavioral issues without the agenda of making people with behavioral issues appear weak or maimed.

These developments are exciting to me. I am hoping these activities will act as the impetus for positive discussion and conversations about how behavioral issues are quite common and typical in our society, and how society can be more understanding of those persons affected by it.