10-year anniversary of NCLB (reauthorization of ESEA): Love the comments

I was reading up on the 10-year anniversary of No Child Left Behind and saw some hilarious comments. Personally, I think that NCLB enlightened the education world a little bit, but was also unrealistic on some levels. I am very middle of the ground when it comes to this overall provision.

Here are some articles highlighting NCLB and/ or ESEA:

Education Week: NCLB a Landmark Law for Children – George Miller (House Education and Workforce Committee)

Education Week: Perspectives on the Law (17 writers contribute essays on the subject) – awesome

Education Week: Predictions for 2012

Education Week: NCLB Lessons – Lamar Alexander gives his 10 cents

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Sunday Marks a decade of No Child. Did the law do any good?

Washington Post: Unorthodox education predictions for 2012

New America Foundation: The Top Early Ed News of 2011

There are so many more articles to highlight, but I thought those listed above were perfect.

And here is the comment I laughed at:

“Saying No Child Left Behind did good is the equivalent of saying Bernie Madoff did good, because he “brought attention” to financial issues.”