Education Nation

More power to the states. HAZAA!

Rewards for innovation and success. HAZAA!

Student accountability instead of JUST teacher accountability. HAZAA!

Sometimes it bothers me when policymakers say “we need to have the conversation…” The conversation has been had people, it is time to start acting.

This week, NBC news is highlighting education. Some of our top politicos who are huge advocates for education have a lot to say about the future of education at Most of us are aware that children will be our future leaders, and NOW is the time to pay attention to how to teach and lead them….and I am glad for that.

Education Nation is NBC News’ initiative to engage the country in a solutions-focused conversation about the state of education in America. Finally, there is a TV/boradcast house/large company that I can support. Really, people, think about it. Media know what the public needs to know by what we view. They know how to persuade, but also deliver. So far I am excited to read and watch education news that is enrolling big wigs, looking at the competition of education across the world, discussing if improving teacher quality is really the ‘silver bullet’ answer to all education woes, and who is really paying when accountability measures are not met. They are asking the tough questions to prominent decision makers…and broadcasting it. It is time we, the people (not to sound too cliche), start paying attention to what we NEED to know, not what we want to know.

Check out this segment….

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