Latest on Budget

This information was taken from Fritzwire and provides information on where you can find a comprehensive overview on budget for education.

“The best table showing what the HR 1 numbers are per Department of Education program cuts is at Though it is based on the House Budget Committee numbers, it is closest to what was voted on in the House.  Go to; scroll down and click on budget; click on budget news; and go to the paragraph on the 5th CR which includes a link to the table. Nothing has been posted yet that shows final numbers.

According to an analysis prepared by House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY), more than fifty education programs would be cut under the House-passed bill. Specifically, the bill would cut Title I by nearly $700 million (4.8 percent); School Improvement Grants by $336.6 million; TRIO by $25 million; Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) by $19.8 million; and completely eliminate funding for Striving Readers ($250 million, in addition to a rescission of $189 million in previously appropriated funds), Small Learning Communities ($88 million), High School Graduation Initiative ($50 million), and Statewide Data Systems ($58.3 million). The bill would also reduce the maximum Pell Grant award from $4,860 to $4,015. [Straight A’s].”