This just in: Mom Jailed for Trying to Give Her Girls Better Education

Yahoo News Reports: Mom Jailed for Sending Kids to Better School

Discussion Time: Should parents be able to choose where their child goes to school?, Michelle Rhee’s nonprofit group’s mission includes (amongst other education policy reformations) giving parents more choice on where their children go to school, believes that: “Attending a great school should be a matter of fact, not luck; every family should be able to choose an excellent school. In cities across America, parents are unable to enroll their kids in the best public schools — there just aren’t enough seats. We’re working to make sure all families have a range of high quality schools to choose from, because our kids shouldn’t have to rely on a lottery or a certain Zip code to get a great education.”

What do you think?

Read more about the position of StudentsFirst in this January 23rd article: Dear Mr. President, Michelle Rhee joins other advocates to recommend a State of the Union Agenda


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