Whip Your Hair

What: a music video, Whip My Hair by Willow
Video Review: Hilariously clever, brilliant, creative, artistic. The idea is genius. It makes we want to buy some paints and go wild. Also, let’s talk about how this girl knows how to move – amazing. I had no idea there were so many youngin’s that can shake it like this. The video is completely impressive.
Music Review: Seriously, who is this girl? Granted she is the daughter of Will and Jada…she is by herself, without the help of her rockin, pop-star parents, amazing. The sound has a little Rihanna flare with a teeny-bopper attitude. It reminded me a little of that new show on Disney, Shake It Up with a little bit more hip hop shazaam! This is Kids Incorporated, 21st Century style.
Favorite moment: I don’t know whether or not it is the baby getting jiggy with it, or the teacher going hog wild whipping her hair.
PR moment: Using Yahoo video, including FB, tweet and embedding technology. You can also add the song to your personal music playlist. This song/video is now 17th on the R&B/Hip Hop sound chart. Yahoo did a big story on this already.
Next Big PR Idea: Get Willow and Rihanna together!
I hope you see the social movement of this video the way I have.