The way you like it

I can just imagine the advertising brainstorming meeting about how to make something as painful as flu shots sound more appealing. Flu shots…really? The ad on television talked about how great this institution was at delivering this service and that everyone should go in today. First, if everyone went in, guaranteed they wouldn’t have enough. Yeah, remember Swine Flu shots that we could go in and get? Case and point…they just don’t have enough to deliver to everyone (this is my political side talking).

But the thing that got me rolling was the slogan, “Flu shots….the way you like it.” LOL. Really? Who really likes to get poked by needles. I can’t really think of anyone, nor do I know any masochists. If anything, I would suggest taking a pill in order to not get the flu. Flu shots, the way I like it, means “no shots at all.” Thank you advertisers for getting a laugh out of me!