Genius PR

OK, Oprah’s PR team is setting the precedent for all PR. Going along with the reality tv format,  Oprah and her peeps (Mark Burnett, producer of Survivor and The Apprentice) have partnered up in a search for the next big TV star.  People from all over the nation are sending in their videos in an act of interactive genius. The process for submitting a video and viewing other videos is simple. The genius behind it is that millions of people are driving OTHER people to vote for them on Oprah’s website. I can’t even imagine the CPC campaign behind this!

So, here is my shout out to Oprah’s people…your PR is hard to beat. Your ideas always seem to pave the way. Soon Disney will be on your tail…another company whose PR is astounding.

Here is another shout out to my friend Elyse Peterson, my vote for the next big TV star. Vote for her HERE.