$2 Dollars

I received this mailer from a local PR firm that really struck my attention. First things first… I believe the company found me because I established Kablau Communications last year. So, this PR firm called and got a list of the newest businesses on the market, including mine. Then, they sent out a creative mailer with a post-it note (you might not be able to see it) that reads: “My company has built and marketed thousands of websites for the past 10 years, including ESPN and Prevention Magazines. We would like to work alongside a local marketing company. We will provide whole pricing, consult with you on advanced SEO for your clients and produce results. Can we talk?” Then he lists his phone number. Enclosed was a business card made out of metal…super cool and $1. Well, to my excitement, I go another one….a whole $2. I tell you…had I had my clients not had SEO already in-house, you bet I would have called Dan. Good PR Dan from Only Websites.only-websites-least