Good PR?

Let’s talk about some controversial PR that is actually bringing attention to my Alma Mater, Utah State University. Whether or not you consider it to be good PR or not, the fact of the matter is…people are paying attention.

Imagine standing at the free-throw line at a controversial basketball game that determines your standing in the Sweet 16. You have droned out the obnoxious crowd, only to see a large, shirtless man hovering on the opposing side distracting you from all your efforts to try to make a basket. Sure Utah State officials could kick him out of the game…but they know what is good for them, not only on the basketball court, but on the PR court.

I don’t think this shirtless cupid had any idea that he was getting some good media for his school.

Good job Bill! Not only did he drum up some publicity on TV, but SportsCenter online picked up on him too. You can read all about him at: Utah State Aggies. I dedicate this post to the Greatest PR of the Year…so far.