The one’s that make you cry

Granted there are very many things that make me cry, I am a sucker for stories that spark that emotion. I am not afraid to say when a story has inspired me or made me reevaluate what is important in my life. The stories I am referring to, are the stories that should be passed on. As mentioned in my Dove Commercial blog last month, media is so quick to cover stories and make rash accusations and judgements. As a society we have been bred to be critical, which may be closing us off to the thought of ‘possibility’. Let’s take a moment to reflect ‘what is possible’ instead of ‘what is impossible.’

Another inspiring story about someone who dreamed about what was possible, this media outlet covered a story that yes, made me cry and inspired me. You can view this story at Local News 8 for Bonneville, Utah. The impact of this story far outweighs the other stories that leave me down and dreading the future. This is how it should be done. Good job Local News 8! Way to create what is possible!