Know Your Audience

At the University of Utah¬† the Geology Department meets and resides in the east wing of the OSH building. On my way to class on the west wing of the OSH building, I pass by posters of incredible geological discoveries and recycle bins promoting a ‘go green’ sense of accountability. I also notice a handwritten sign above one of the recycle bins that say “Corrugated Cardboard Only.” Not being in tune with the lingo of the department that statement had me wondering about all the different kinds of cardboard were out there in the world and also what kinds would not be allowed in the recycle bin. Heaven forbid I recycle the wrong kind of cardboard.

And then, miraculously, it was as if the Geology Department tapped into my thoughts even before they occurred. Below the large words in small print I read “Pizza Boxes Not Allowed.” Thank you Geology Department at the University of Utah for being aware of your audience. You were aware that other students generally walk the hallways. I have since looked up the word corrugated cardboard and found that is a combination of paperboards, usually two flat liners and one inner fluted corrugated medium. It is often used for making corrugated boxes for shipping or storing products (Wikipedia, 2009).¬† I have also taken a picture from this same site and included it below.


The point of this post is if you want maximum results based on your message, know your audience. I have not yet seen any pizza boxes left at the recycling bin, but have seen a plethora of corrugated cardboard.