Breast Cancer Awareness

I have received at least a dozen emails about breast cancer awareness in the past two weeks. A lofty goal to spread the word about how people can help donate to the cause, I wanted to highlight one of my favorites. This picture came to me with a reminder to forward it to my entire address list. There weren’t repercussions attached if I didn’t forward it, like “if you don’t forward this to at least 10 people, you will get eaten by a monstrous cobra” and there wasn’t another incentive like “if you pass this, your wish of finally finding prince charming will come true” or “God will come and kiss your eyelids when you are sleeping so when you wake you will finally see and understand why everything happens the way it happens in your life” No, there were no promises, incentives or repercussions, just a picture saying “pass this on.”

While working on several PR campaigns, I – along with other team members- came up with messages that people would want to forward around because they were 1. funny 2. tender 3. informative yet creative 4. something I wanted to share not because I had to share it in order to fulfill the ‘promises once passed.’ This is just one example of a campaign that will probably hit me more than once AKA an effective viral email campaign. This is part of the ‘Read the T and pass it on’ campaign to create awareness of breast cancer research. Enjoy.