Dove Commercials

Ok, I can’t say this enough…Dove, you RULE! I remember getting an email back in 2005 sometime that really made me think about the way in which we see ourselves. Everyday we are surrounded by skinny, beautiful girls in the media, whether it is through television, magazines, billboards, whatever. I remember taking a class at Utah State where we discussed at length this ‘image’ situation. Though the class was a little over the top, one of the subjects we talked about was this ‘being like Barbie’ paradox. Essentially, we discussed that this overwhelming emergence of media cultivated the idea- in those who areĀ  exposed to these forms of media-feel less of themselves and feel justified in trying to look the way they think they ought to be seen. In short, girls think they need to be a certain size or dress a certain way in order to be noticed.

Luckily, there are women out in the world now that are exposing this little secret….beauty isn’t everything. A lot of beauty we see is fabricated, granted actresses really are gorgeous, there are some things we aren’t looking at, which is where this first commercial comes in:

Again, it is really easy to see how much media can influence people. So, why not take the challenge to create media that cultivates an attitude of self-esteem, courage and happiness? There are women musicians who sing about their inner beauty and how that is so important…from Avril Lavigne to Hillary Duff to Mary Jo Blige and Beyonce…these women take a stance about being who you are….no matter what! So, what are we doing to help spread this message?

I just saw another Dove commercial…and yes, started crying. This is the ad I just watched on television. Thank you Dove! What a fantastic campaign. Let’s get real about what real beauty is all about!


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