Social media phenomenon

Back in 2007, my friends/coworkers and I experimented with social media. Taking what we thought was one of Fox 13 of Utah’s best bloopers, we created a you tube video and shared it with multiple friends, just to see what kind of impact we could have through this medium. The affect of this experiment is still astounding, as I check to see the comments and how many people have viewed it over the past 2 years.  It also probably generated some PR for Fox, and contributed to the idea that when you have an interesting, funny or inspirational message, or even something that impacts emotion, this kind of social media works for public relations campaigns and in turn generates awareness. One thing about social media that is challenging is that you can’t prove its affect. However, once you see that this video has received over 1,000,000 hits since 2007, it is hard to imagine that there has not been some kind of impact .

By the way, here is that video.