Hit a Pedestrian

I am not quite sure how I am feeling about the whole “Hit a pedestrian” campaign. Going west on 3300 South in Salt Lake City, there is a billboard with a woman around her mid-30’s who has this very genuine look of sorrow on her face. She has a brim of tears and a puffiness around her eyes that can only be described as a look from someone who has been crying for a while. To the right of this rather tender image, the sign reads “Hit a pedestrian: change your lives.” I am sure this campaign was made to seem like this woman is saying “I did this. This is my fault and something I have to live with for the rest of my life.”However, the message is a little confusing. From which side is this really coming from? It seems like the way this is worded, she is almost commanding passers-by to do it. Was the message meant to plead for us to be cautious? If it was, I certainly did not get that from the sign. In fact, I am sure there is a website below the ‘slogan’ that was very hard to read. Don’t they know that squinting and trying to read the small print on a billboard is distracting to people on the road. Isn’t that the antithesis of what this campaign is trying to accomplish?

I just did a google search to see if I could find the billboard art online and apparently, I am not the only one who feels confused by this message. HubPages, another PR/marketing blogger in crime, also commented on the marketing aspect of ‘speaking clearly with customers.’ Random people have even Twittered about this billboard. To quote an anonymous source, the twitter reads “A billboard said, “hit a pedestrian, change your lives.” Doesn’t that sound strangely encouraging?”