Civil War

Do you think there could be another civil war soon? I am just asking. I received the following pictures in an email today. I don’t remember seeing this on the news. I would like to introduce the term liberal republican. According to the ultimate source of knowledge (no, not google), Wikipedia says: 

The Liberal Republican Party of the United States was a political party that was organized in Cincinnati in May 1872, to oppose the reelection of President Ulysses S. Grant and his Radical Republican supporters. The party’s candidate in that year’s presidential election was Horace Greeley, longtime publisher of the New York Tribune. Following his nomination by the Liberal Republicans, Greeley was also nominated by the Democratic Party. Greeley was seen as an oddball reformer with no government experience and a long record of vehement attacks against the very Democrats he now called on for support. He was defeated in a landslide.

The Liberal Republican Party vanished immediately after the election. However, historians suggest that, by loosening the allegiance of liberal elements to the Republican Party, the Liberal Republicans made it possible for many of these leaders to move to the Democratic Party. The others returned to the GOP.

I wonder if we should reinstate the term ‘liberal republican.’ What do you think?


Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech