Texting While Driving

There has been an incredible campaign out there that I have been following for a while. I just received a forwarded email with this video that was posted on Cache Valley Daily.com:Watch: Utah’s new texting while driving prevention video. I also know that The Summit Group Communications recently participated in a press conference involving some of Utah’s decision maker’s in the Cricket’s Practice Safe Text, where state officials signed and agreed to the safe text pledge requiring that no one text while driving. You can read about this campaign on KSL.com: Campaign Urges Teens to Practice Safe ‘Text.’

Sure, I am guilty of this as well. Having watched and read these stories of victims who have been involved in text-related car accidents, I can’t help but put my phone down and support this campaign. A great quote that I found on Cache Valley Daily.com sums up what I couldn’t put into words: “Driving requires your full attention,” said Department of Public Safety Director and Utah Highway Patrol Colonel Daniel Fuhr. “You have to decide when you get in the car if your social life is more important than your entire life and the lives of others on the road with you.”

I am including several videos that support no texting while driving.