More Than Medication

Just wanted to point out another great campaign.

I was sent this email with a link to this video. I am not sure what or who generated it, but I would like to think it was some wonderful PR person inspired by the message of the company and an intention to try something new in social media. Surely, we receive those emails that leave a little mist in our eyes. I think that is the point of this video. I am very impressed by the amount of emotion and surprise I felt through this video. The message may not have been conveyed quite as much if there was a person speaking about the campaign. This was completely effective for me, and here is why:

As someone who knows nothing about the company or product, the video I have posted below made me want to check out the website. Even though the messaging didn’t quite describe what the company or product offered, it touched me just enough for me to want to find out more. Maybe it was a video to bring awareness to the company, or maybe it was just a test to see how far this campaign would reach…who knows. All I know is that it is truly one great campaign.

Here is the video for you.

Visit More Than Medication for more information.