Talking Heads

This is taken from Today’s Word, a daily email that comes from my former professor at Utah State, Ted Pease.

TODAY’S WORD ON JOURNALISM . . . Monday, April 20, 2009

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Yapping Heads:
“If newspapers become mostly infotainment websites — if the number of well-trained investigative journalists dwindles still further — and if we’re soon left with nothing but the yapping heads who dominate cable ‘news’ and talk radio, how will we recognize, or hope to forestall, impending national and global crises? How will we know if government officials have made terrible mistakes, as even the best will sometimes do? How will we know if government officials have told us terrible lies, as the worst have sometimes done? A decimated, demoralized and under-resourced press corps hardly questioned the Bush administration’s flimsy case for war in Iraq — and the price for that failure will be paid for generations.”
Rosa Brooks, now former columnist, Los Angeles Times, 2009