Good Job Obama

Not only is our President fighting hard to work out the tentative $780 billion stimulus package, but he is recovering from the overwhelmingly silly observation…being kicked off of US weekly by a picture of Jessica Simpson’s mommy-pants. Perhaps good publicity for Jessica (we haven’t seen her in a while, right?) Well, Jessica, you made it to the Today Show, Yahoo and even CNN reported on your new fashion sense. Deliberate? Hmm…would be some interesting PR…but to have the President of the United States comment on it…WOW. Almost better than Oprah….I said ALMOST.

See the Media Coverage: OMG Access Hollywood Special-President Obama Jokes About Getting Bumped by Jessica Simpson

All I have to say is:

  • Good Job Obama, you kept your cool…because you are cool
  • Good Job Jessica Simpson’s publicist. If you wanted attention, you got it!