Mile of Men


Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as Single Awareness Day, allows all of us to think about our future — our future in love. From companies that develop and sell the world’s largest teddy bear, to discounts in all major ring shops around your town, this holiday brings forth the most interesting advertising and PR ideas. Here is one business that racks up the PR points for this time of year.

I am sure it is not hard to imagine 20-40 something ladies out there looking for the ultimate Valentine’s Day date. What, ladies? You mean, you would rather go out on a date on Valentine’s Day instead of sitting in your pad eating a pint of ice cream  watching 4 chick flicks, boo-hooing about your singleness? I can’t imagine why.

Well not this year ladies. Let’s give it up for Star 94.1 for coming up with ultimate dating scheme! For all you women out there…your wildest Valentine’s dreams can come true. Just pick up the phone and choose your date. Kiss Single Awareness Day goodbye!

That’s right ladies, YOU can choose YOUR Valentine’s Day date from the mile long line of men – How many men did you say? Who knows…just think about how many men you can squeeze in a mile. That’a lot of men. Remember, you can drive or even walk by and chat with some of these handsome bachelors. After you have strategically chosen your ultimate man that will deliver the ultimate date, call into the radio station. And guess what…? Your date has to go with you no matter what!

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Shout-out you guys. Good PR. Now, can we steal this idea for Salt Lake City?