Holiday PR-keeping in touch pays off


With the holidays come and gone, I am taking this time to reflect some great holiday PR. With all the advertising and marketing that happens around the holidays, it has been my experience that people start to mentally turn-off to advertising around the second week of December. Even the cleverest of advertisements and the best deals are sometimes lost in the hubbub of holiday sales. So, as PR people…what can we do to get around this?

Well, as many of you know, I am a huge communicator. I love to talk…and sometimes my friends say that I love to talk about myself the most! Well, that is somewhat true đŸ˜‰ For all those out there looking to develop and strengthen relationships, whether with friends, co-workers, constituents, clients, potential clients, etc. one good way to keep on top of your correspondence and communication is to send  greetings. Not just holiday greetings, no….updates, thinking of you’s, ramblings, random thoughts, etc. Of course this would mean that you need to have a pretty good relationship first (imagine getting someone’s random ramblings and you didn’t even know who they were, or you only met them one time). Once you have established a relationship, keeping in touch really does pay off.

Case and point: I worked at a great PR and advertising agency called Richter7. Through time, I developed a relationship with one of the partners. He has since included me in his email list and will send me occasional emails checking up on me, providing words of wisdom (that are really just wise cracks) and dumb dares of the week. He doesn’t do it too often…and I am always left in suspense for the next brilliant email because I never know when they are coming. I find myself looking forward to his emails. When I received his holiday greeting, I was thrilled to see what a great PR opportunity it was for the biz…but it was also something pretty personal.

Here is a link to what I think is some pretty good branding: Richter7 Holiday Greeting.