Good PR

What is good PR?

I remember watching the movie American Sweethearts. I remember Billy Crystal’s character who acted as a publicist for John Cusack’s character. Billy Crystal is a publicist that tries to control a ‘break-up’ situation of two actor’s by conducting some behind the scenes PR. One thing leads to another and through a couple of interesting events, the couple whose situation was supposed to be kept under wraps, ended up escalating out of control. In the movie, media caught wind of the situation made these actor’s even more famous than they were before.

The question is was it good PR or bad PR? It made them famous, right? No, I am not saying that generating really BAD publicity or PR ideas is the best method. I wouldn’t even fathom it. I just wanted to pose the question.

From making the image of a company or product famous, to controlling the messaging for businesses, PR is a force that changes everyday.

I created this site as a means to discuss what makes and/or breaks PR campaigns. the good versus the bad.

Le’ts get this discussion going….

Let’s talk about some bad PR that is making headlines…

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